The Bids for the PAFRA 2020 20th Annual World Championship Rodeo Oct 15-17 2020 are now open for the following services: 
Stock Contract
Rodeo Secretary
If you or your company wish to receive a RFP/Invitation to Bid letter please email the Selection Committee at
Bullfighters please email
Open until 1 MAR 2020 with award date of 15 MAR 2020.
Qualifying Bids received via email will be notified of receipt and added to the committee review list. 
Thank you for your interest and support.

The #PAFRA cowboys and cowgirls are out in #TopCity, making people smile! This time, the veterans at the Topeka VA Medical Center. Gizmo, the horse, got just close enough for the veterans inside, in wheel chairs, to pet his nose.
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Congratulations  to our 2019 Professional Armed Forces Rodeo World Champions and Reserve World Champions!
Rookie - Mike Gunn
Reserve World Champion - RJ Mcaslin, USMC
World Champion - Jake Kiriegbaum                           
Saddle Bronc
Rookie – Chase Argo
Reserve World – Derrick Linneman, USMC
World Champion - Jace Angus, US Army
Bull Riding
Rookie – Devin Harder, CANADA, Army
Reserve World – Devin Harder
World Champion – Eric “Goose” Walnorfer, Army
Barrel Racing
Rookie – Brittnay Ryan, USN
Reserve World – Jessica Beck, USN
World Champion – Sharon Milton, Army

Team Roping - Header
Rookie – Aighdan “Tater” Huber
Reserve World - Chance Keiter
World Champion - Travis Beck, USAF
Steer Wrestling
Rookie – David Teets, USAF
Reserve World - Eric “Goose” Walnorfer, Army
World Champion – Travis Beck, USAF
Chute Dogging
Rookie – Joe Hunn
Reserve World  - Travis Beck, USAF
World Champion – Joe Hunn
Team Roping - Heeler
Rookie – Jake Engleman
Reserve World – Jake Engelman
World Champion – Terrant Stewart
Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Rookie – Gage Adams
Reserve World - Matt Jobe
World Champion – Adam Ross
Tie Down Roping
Rookie – Dakota Brown, USAF
Reserve – Marty Mclaughlin
World Champion – Dakota Brown, USAF
Reserve –  N/A
Rookie - Linda Perkins, Army
World Champion – Linda Perkins, Army
Rookie All-Around Cowboy  - Jace Angus
Rookie All-Around Cowgirl - Linda Perkins
All-Around Cowboy - Travis Beck, USAF
All-Around Cowgirl - Jessica Beck, USN